Magnetic office maps

Wooden world maps are not only popular in private spaces but also find their spot in offices, offering both aesthetic appeal and functionality. While these maps serve as attractive wall decorations, they also offer practical utility. Magnetic maps, in particular, demonstrate how wall decor can integrate into office interiors while serving a functional purpose.

Coloured magnets that matches interior

Wooden world maps come in a diverse array of models, wood types, and variations, offering different projections, sizes, and layouts. However, they all share a common purpose: representing our globe. In this post, we'll focus on magnetic wooden world maps, particularly those installed in office settings.

Office interior with magnetic map and orange pins

The world map in the photo above is one of these magnetic maps that is installed in an office. This map is crafted from magnetic American Walnut. And the map has orange pin magnets that match the orange chairs in the office space. Because of this the wooden map perfectly blends in the relatively minimalistic room. Of course you can choose any kind of colour or any kind of shape when it comes to the magnets. And instead of matching the colour with chairs, you can do similar interior tricks with other pieces of furniture.

More subtile but most functional

Instead of choosing for colourful magnets, the company depicted in the photo below has chosen a more subtle yet effective method to display their global activities. The magnetic map, crafted from European Oak, has a lighter hue compared to its Walnut counterpart. As a result, the contrast between the map and the wall is slightly diminished, lending a more understated presence to the office space.

Furthermore, this magnetic map is narrower, spanning almost one meter less than the previously mentioned model. This choice aligns with the company's preference for subtlety. By this, their business activities is displayed in a more refined manner. To complement this approach, the company utilises smaller neodymium pin-magnets. These small magnets seamlessly blend into the map's surface, offering a discreet yet functional solution for pinpointing various business locations. Additionally, their smaller size enables to put more magnets onto this relatively compact area, maximising the map's utility.

Magnetic Oak world map installed in corporate

Expressing global activities.

When selecting a wooden map for an office or business space, the choice can serve multiple purposes—it can be functional, decorative, and even make a statement. Consider, for instance, the impact of a wooden world map installed on the wall of a meeting room. In such a setting, where the room itself exudes a global character, the presence of the map reinforces this impression, signalling the company's global reach and influence.

This powerful visual cue not only speaks volumes about the organisation's stature as a global player but also underscores its commitment to international engagement and connectivity. However, it's not just large corporations that can benefit from such visual statements. Even smaller companies can enhance their business spaces and project a sophisticated image by incorporating these maps into their environments.

Magnetic Walnut world map installed in meeting room
Magnetic world map installed in meeting room
February 23, 2024

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