Once in a while the MapaWall team receives really nice photo’s of freshly installed wooden world maps. One we haven’t showed you yet is the Walnut edition. Recently we got some photo’s from a client who left the surface of the map in its natural color. When not treating the surface with an oil or wax, like this client did, the map remains its light grey and brownish color. And in the interior as displayed in the image above this color fits perfectly well. The natural wood and some grey accents in several pieces of furniture make this Walnut wooden world map to become part of the interior without being too present in the whole. Placing a light colored wooden world map on a relative light background also ensures that the contrast between these two layers isn’t too big. If the map from the photo’s would be treated with an oil or wax it would probably get to dark and have drawn too much attention in this interior.

Walnut wooden world map side view     Walnut wooden world map with country borders

Some of you may already know that all the MapaWall wooden maps come with an invisible metal layer that attracts small Neodymium magnets. In this case these small but very strong magnets can be used for marking you favorite spots across the map. By selecting the smaller images in this post you can see that this client also used these so called pinpoints on several locations on the map. The tiny blinks you see on the map are the small nickel coated Neodymium magnets that reflect the daylight under certain angles. By doing so the magnets don’t draw the attention all the time but only in some cases when you pass by or look at it from a certain angle. Together with the laser engraved country borders this map is not only are real nice piece of wall furniture. But it can also be used as a high end travel map.

Want to receive some free samples of this type of Walnut wood? Fill in the contact form on the MapaWall website, and we will send you some.