Mini Oak map with many details

Preferences vary greatly when it comes to the size of world maps. Some prefer them large, while others choose smaller versions. However, the choice often extends beyond personal preference to consider the available space for installation. Selecting the ideal size depends on the dimensions of the area where the map will be displayed. Choosing a large world map is ideal if you have enough space both in width and height. Conversely, if space is limited, downsizing may be necessary. With the introduction of the magnetic Mini Oak world map by MapaWall, aesthetics need not be compromised, even with a smaller-sized map. This innovative design ensures that regardless of size, the visual appeal remains exceptional.

A size smaller but still extremely detailed

For several years, MapaWall held the distinction of being the pioneer in producing laser-cut wooden world maps, offering only one size initially. The decision stemmed from crafting the intricate contours and country borders specifically tailored for this size. The original maps had a width of 7 feet and 0.25 inches (214 cm), showcasing remarkable detail. However, this scale proved incompatible with certain spaces, as some interiors in homes and offices lacked the necessary height to accommodate these wall decorations.
Introducing an XL version wasn't a straightforward solution, given the exceptional level of detail in their designs. Scaling up the original drawing without compromising on intricacy proved challenging. Yet, after years of global distribution, MapaWall recognized the need to cater to a broader market by offering a smaller version of their iconic map. After numerous design adjustments, they achieved a Mini version nearly as detailed as the standard one, while minimizing the risk of excessive burning from the laser.

The intricacies of laser technology posed a unique challenge, as overly detailed designs could result in prolonged exposure at specific points, leading to unsightly burnt surfaces. However, leveraging one of the most potent CO2 lasers available, MapaWall successfully perfected the Mini world map. Despite its reduced width of only 4 feet and 11 inches (150 cm), the level of detail remains astonishing as you can see in the photo below.

More information concerning this Mini Oak world map on their website.

February 8, 2024

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