Maps with custom pins

Wooden world maps come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and wood types, offering a wide selection of options for customisation. They can feature engraved or pressed country names and can be illuminated from the sides or the back. All showing the diversity of wooden map designs available. However, there's another level of customisation for these maps: the incorporation of pin-magnets, including personalised magnetic pins.

Magnetic maps and magnetic pins

Only a select few producers worldwide craft magnetic wooden maps, with MapaWall being one of the leading providers known for their commitment to quality. Since introducing their first magnetic maps in 2015, they have remained a sought-after item in their product lineup. Over the years, they have developed various custom builds and even offered maps with customised magnets for pinpointing specific locations.

To use magnetic pins, a map with a magnetic surface is necessary. It's essential to clarify the difference between magnetic maps and wooden maps installed using strong neodymium magnets. In magnetic wooden maps, a thin iron-based layer is positioned beneath the wood surface, attracting the magnetic force from the magnets through the wood layer to secure the pin-magnets in place. These maps come with standard nickel-plated neodymium magnets, although customised options are available.

From magnetic bean to company logo

While many associate customised magnets with the traditional fridge magnets in various shapes and colours, there are subtler options suitable for medium-sized wooden maps. Some businesses have simplified customisation by attaching small objects directly to the magnets, such as the coffee beans used by Mr. Mofongo's. These beans serve as functional pin-magnets, pinpointing the locations where the coffee originates. The possibilities for such customisation are endless and only limited by imagination.

Coffee beans magnets on Rosewood world map

In addition to attaching small items to neodymium magnets, there are numerous ways to customise these pins further. Many corporations choose for custom-made pins featuring their company logos. Nowadays, pins can be tailored in different colours and materials, making it easy to design and add neodymium magnets. Epoxy pins are favoured for wooden maps due to their adjustable shape and glossy finish, as exemplified in the following example featuring a tailor-made epoxy pin on a magnetic wooden map.

Customised epoxy pins for magnetic wooden world map

Interested in exploring more examples of magnetic wooden world maps and their tailor-made pins? Don't hesitate to reach out to us for further information.

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