Customised pin magnets

All MapaWall world maps come equipped with an invisible magnetic layer just beneath the surface. This layer is specifically designed to accommodate nickel-plated pin-magnets with a powerful N-grade. However, it's important to note that this magnetic layer isn't intended for heavy fridge magnets. Nonetheless, this doesn't preclude the option of customising the wooden maps with other types of magnets.

Coloured epoxy pins with company logo
Coloured epoxy pin magnets on a walnut map

Epoxy pins with the company logo

For instance, epoxy pins featuring the company logo are a popular choice. Many businesses opt for customised options on their maps, including additional islands, engraved state borders, and country names. Pin-magnets are frequently requested, particularly because most companies have their own logos and corporate identities with unique colour palettes. They often prefer designing their own pin-magnets to align with their brand. Full-coloured epoxy pins are particularly suitable for logos with intricate designs, as the printing process for these pins gets remarkably sharp results. However, there are numerous variations available for customising pins for these wooden maps. Another appealing option are the metal pins with relief, which are die-cut from metal plates and offer an exclusive look and feel.

Metal pins with relief, die-cut
Metal pin with relief

Coloured pins for extra attention

When it comes to coloured pins for extra attention, larger plastic pins are often too heavy for the wooden world maps. However, there is a superb alternative that might even surpass the plastic pins in quality. We're referring to the painted neodymium magnets from MapaWall. Following numerous requests from clients, MapaWall began painting the tops of these small nickel-plated magnets in a few basic colours, such as black, white, and red. They now offer a comprehensive range of painted neodymium magnets in various sizes. The photo below provides an impression of some of these coloured pin-magnets affixed to a stainless steel map.

Coloured neodymium pin-magnets stuck on a stainless steel world map
Coloured neodymium pin-magnets on stainless steel
April 30, 2024

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