American Walnut

After looking at the end result our clients sent us following the successful installation of a wooden world map, it's evident that the background colour significantly influences its aesthetic appeal. Whether the wall where the map is installed is white or covered with another colour, the difference is huge. The same can be said for today's featured American Walnut world map, in a positive manner. It serves as an example of how certain colour combinations can greatly benefit the overall look.

Mixed-matched crown cut

As mentioned earlier, achieving the perfect combo of a certain wood type and colour, along with the wall colour behind the map, is crucial. When carefully considered, the impact of such wall decorations can be surprisingly positive. These combinations are often devised by interior designers or individuals with creative flair. In this example, the combination of rich American Walnut with a dark background and drop shadow yields truly beautiful results.

Walnut wood is commonly used in interior design, frequently seen in table furniture and even complete kitchens. Its popularity stems from its exceptional suitability for veneer sheets. Due to the prohibitive cost of solid wood for many furniture applications, veneer panels are now the norm. The world map is also made from these veneer panels. Custom designed though. Will explain later.
In this instance, the veneer is crown cut and mix-matched onto a wooden base for strength and sturdiness. Crown cutting produces a grain with fiery patterns rather than a striped appearance. This results in wood with a more natural appearance, as depicted in the photos provided. The mix-matched bonding technique is done through randomly assembling sheets from different parts of the tree trunk. This results in a more natural and cohesive/solid look.

Pin-magnets pointing out past travels

Another fun fact of this world map is its magnetic capabilities. Not only is the map installed using a magnetic installation kit. It also has a magnetic surface beneath the layer of American Walnut. This feature allows for the use of small magnets to pin to the map without damaging the wood's surface. The use of nickel-plated magnets ensures subtlety in their appearance. With only a close inspection revealing their presence. Additionally, the option to customise neodymium pin-magnets with various colours adds versatility to interior design choices.

The American Walnut wooden world map installed on a black wall with pin-magnets
American Walnut wooden world map with pin-magnets

For further inspiration and wooden world map ideas, stay tuned!

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