Zebrano wooden world map

Some people like it dark, others like it light. But some interior lovers rather have it striped. Well, specially for this group MapaWall created a wooden world map topped with te best Zebrano wood in the world. This particular type of wood is well known for its dark horizontal stripes reminiscent of a zebra. The last few years this wood type got a comeback in Scandinavian styled interiors. And nowadays Zebrano is used for furniture in all kinds of settings. It's just a matter of time until this exclusive striped wood becomes even more exclusive.

Zebrano wooden world map close-up
Zebrano wooden world map close-up

In the pictures underneath you can see how the Zebrano wooden world map also can match with a different type of wood such as Walnut. By having the map treated with oil the whole got a more brownish color then it normally has. From the pictures underneath you'll also have a good idea of what effect the oil has on the color of the world map. An advantage of treating the map with oil is that it protects is from dirt and stains. But because the dirt (normally) doesn't reaches the wall like it does on a floor it is just a matter of taste wether you decide to oil it or not. Either way, the Zebrano edition can be a real asset for advanced interior lovers.

Zebrano wooden world map in dining
Zebrano wooden world map in dining

Just like all MapaWall world maps the Zebrano edition without country borders also has an invisible metal layer underneath the surface which makes it possible to mark any location on the surface of the map with small neodymium magnets. World maps with engraved country borders make this pinpointing even more fun. Simply stick some magnets on your favorite spots around the world and take them of without damaging the map.

Zebrano wood olied and not oiled
Zebrano wood oiled and untreated

Want to see more types and styles of these wooden world maps? Visit www.mapawall.com for more information.

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