Zebrano wooden world map in Russia

Another good example of how wooden world maps can be matched with modern interiors is shown in this post. One of MapaWall's clients in Russia has send this fabulous photo's of a freshly installed Zebrano wooden world map. Instead of trying to match wooden furniture with the wood type of this world map, like most people do. This client from Saint Petersburg did the opposite. As you can see from the image above the same wood type is used for the floor, the table kitchen and for the floating dressoir underneath the television. And by using a total different type of wood like the striped Zebrano, the world map stands out even more. Successfully looking for contrasts instead of trying to match different pieces of furniture is what makes interior designers stand out from the rest.

Zebrano wooden world map with country borders
Zebrano wooden world map with country borders

This particular world map concerns a MapaWall Zebrano with country borders. Zebrano wood is known for its clear horizontal stripes and its yellow/brownish color. The Zebrano trees are very vulnerable due to a reduction in quantity over the last few decades. Therefore this Zebra-striped wood is quite unique and also exclusive. To no one's surprise these type of wooden world maps are often used in high-end interiors. The map as in the photo's is also engraved with really detailed country borders. And like all MapaWall world maps it is equipped with an invisible layer that attracts small Neodymium magnets. These tiny magnets can be placed across the whole surface of the map making this piece of art not only a stylish walldeco. But you can also use it as a travelmap by pointing out your favorite places or places that are still on your bucketlist. Either way. If you want something special and exclusive on your wall. This Zebrano wooden map is one special piece you won't find at The Home Depot.

MapaWall wooden world map Zebrano - Saint Petersburg - Russia 2
MapaWall wooden world map Zebrano - Saint Petersburg

Want to see how the different types of wood look like in real live? Feel free to ask for some wood samples.

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    1. Dear Kinga,

      Thank you for your message, and sorry for the late reply. We only do one size since our blueprint is specially created for this size. When we make our maps smaller some details will disappear and some parts become to fragile. We offer our MapaWall world maps from €675,- including VAT. More information can be found @ http://www.mapawall.com. Kind regards, Team MapaWall

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