Zebrano wood on green

When selecting a space for your wall decor, there are several factors to consider to maximise its impact, particularly when it involves a wooden world map. One of the crucial elements for the success of a space adorned with a wooden world map is colour, especially the colour of the wall against which the wooden map is displayed. In today's example, we'll have a look at a map crafted from Zebrano wood.

Contrasting colours make mundane walls

Choosing a colour for your wall when displaying a wooden world map, like the Zebrano map, can be challenging. Many prefer the simplicity of white walls and minimalist spaces, shying away from vibrant colours. However, a touch of colour often improves the overall ambiance of a space, particularly with wall decorations. They typically draw attention at eye level upon entering a room. Therefore, when decorating a wall with a painting or a world map, consider this aspect carefully.

Zebrano world map (untreated) on a dark green wall

In this example, our client opted for a Zebrano world map against a dark green wall. The relatively light colour of the Zebrano map against the dark backdrop creates a really nice visual contrast. Had the untreated, coloured map been mounted on a white wall, the effect would likely have been less impressive. By selecting contrasting colours, the client succeeded in creating a visually captivating wall decor. In most cases, opting for contrasting colours yields a more remarkable result than matching the wall colour to that of the mounted object, be it a painting or a map.

Zebrano world map - close-up side view

Embracing Zebra stripes for a natural allure

The variety of wood types available can often be overwhelming. In this Norwegian interior, characterized by a modern Scandinavian style, the choice of material plays a significant role in defining the space's look and feel. Here, the client opted for something distinct—a Zebrano wood map—a choice not commonly seen in interiors. Zebrano wood is less common due to its scarcity and rising prices in recent decades. However, its distinct black zebra stripes impart an exotic charm. Opting for this unique wood contrasts with the surrounding interior, infusing a playful and distinctive touch. Unlike the typical 'safe' choices in wall decoration, this unconventional decision adds character to the space. When considering wall decor, dare to think outside the box, especially when selecting a world map, and remember that embracing contrasting colours often yields favourable outcomes.

Zebrano world map - overall side view

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