Hi all! Welcome to our brand-new blog about wooden maps.
Our first blogpost tells and shows you a little bit more about one of our first installed MapaWall wooden world maps. You might have seen these types of maps before on www.mapawall.com. But on this domain we will mainly add small descriptions and pictures of the wooden world maps that are previously installed by our clients. So feel free to visit us once in a while to see some more of our products like the wooden world maps.

The wooden world map as shown in the pictures underneath is topped with an European Oak veneer. This type of Oak veneer has a warm yellowish/brown color and has nice drawings in the wood. And as you can probably see, this particular type of world map is equipped with subtile lines that represent the borders of all countries. Like the contours of the map, these country borders are also cut (engraved) by a laser machine, making them extremely detailled. Even smaller countries like the Netherlands are recognizable because the machine engraves with laser precision. Another cool feature of these MapaWall wooden world maps is the invisible metal layer that mounted underneath the veneer. This ‘magic’ layer is strong enough to hold small Neodymium magnets on its place across the whole surface of the map. This makes this wooden wall decoration ideal for pinpointing your favorite locations or places of interest. In some future blog posts we will show you some examples of different type of magnets in all kinds of shapes and colors.

Wooden map Africa Oak close up Wooden world map Oak 2 Wooden world map Oak country borders close up

The MapaWall Oak world map with country borders as shown above is installed in a modern dining room in a city centre located apartment in the Netherlands. In this case the map perfectly matches the interoir because the floor and even the table is also made from Oak wood. On these pictures it’s also clearly visible that the map is attached with separators to the wall, leaving a beautiful shadow and making the whole look like its floating on the wall. Let the pictures speak for themselves!