Travelers of the world

A new year, new resolutions, new travel plans. We are all becoming explorers of the world. We are longing to find that special destination more and more often. To just escape it all and enjoy the moment and tarnish that memory in your heart.Because we are all different and the earth has got quite a view beautiful hidden places. That special place is often personal and shared with somebody special. However, the world as whole is identical to all. And what could be nicer then to be able to rediscover those special places and moments with a very stylish MapaWall wooden world map.

MapaWall wooden world map
MapaWall Rosewood world map

The maps are highly detailed and have country borders. This makes it possible to find all those special places and memories and pin them. The wooden world maps of MapaWall are magnetic. This makes it possible to place magnetic pins which are included with every map.

Place your MapaWall in the living room, Dining room, kitchen, office or bed room. MapaWall has map for every interior, color and or room. Do you too love the world? Look no further and go to

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