Rosewood world map on black background

Although the vast majority of all walls are light colored, there is nothing wrong with placing a beautiful wooden world map on a dark background. On the contrary. By combining a dark background with a dark world map you can create a stunning wall. And especially when the room is decorated with furniture and accessories that fit well with these dark shades. The photos in this post can confirm this. These were recently sent by a Belgian client of the MapaWall company. This client has managed to create a warm but stylish space by using natural colors in the accessories. A beautiful area with an exotic atmosphere where you immediately have the feeling that you're on holidays.

Rosewood world map with country borders - oiled
Rosewood world map with country borders - oiled

The reason why the world map in these pictures fits the exotic interior that good is probably because the wood of this map is made from an exotic wood species. This type of wood, called Rosewood (or Palisander), has a beautiful flamed wood grain and gives the world map a luxurious character. This type of wood also has a export restriction and is regulated by scarcity. The flaming wood grain not only makes the Rosewood look really nice. Due to the limited supply, it can also be regarded as highly exclusive. The extra dark color on this particular map is due to the fact that the map is treated with an oil. Without the oil it would be far more light colored.

Rosewood world map with country borders - front view
Rosewood world map with country borders - front view

Like all wooden world maps from the MapaWall company this model also includes a special metal layer. Because of this invisible layer, it is possible to place small neodymium magnets across the entire surface. Along with the laser engraved country borders, this type of wall decoration is not only pleasing the eye, but can also be used as a cool gadget. These so-called pin-magnets are offered in different sizes. On the front view picture it's clear how this client has marked several spots around the world.
Because the neodymium pin-magnets are coated with a thin layer of nickel it gives an occasional glitter. This will draw the attention from different angles, depending on where the light comes from and how it falls down on the surface of the small magnets.

Want to see how this exclusive Rosewood looks like in real live? Feel free to ask for some free wood samples.

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