Rosewood Santos

There are various types of world maps available on the market. Within the category of wooden world maps, there is a wide selection of wood types to choose from, ranging from Oak to Bamboo and from Walnut to Zebrano. Even within the Oak wood category, there are numerous quality grades and variations. However, there is one type of map that stands out as particularly rare. This rarity is mainly due to the protected and regulated nature of the wood used in its construction. We're referring to the Rosewood Santos world map, also known as Palisander Santos.

Exclusive wood with beautiful grains

Rosewood and Palisander (sometimes spelled as Palissander) are essentially the same wood, with the main distinction being their regional usage. In Europe, Palisander is often preferred, while English-speaking countries like North America typically refer to it as Rosewood. The term 'Santos' denotes the Santos region in Brazil, where Rosewood Santos originates. Due to its rarity, there are now export regulations for these wood variations, contributing to their relatively high cost.

Rosewood Santos world map on a black wall
Rosewood Santos world map installed on a black wall.

Despite its scarcity and price, the aesthetics of Rosewood Santos are unparalleled. Certain sections of the tree trunk exhibit stunning beauty, as seen in this world map. The reddish grain adorned with dark brown and black flames creates a captivating visual. While this map is veneered with Rosewood, it still has a solid appearance. This effect is achieved through a technique called mixmatched jointing, where veneers from different parts of the trunk are randomly combined to create a cohesive look. If you're interested, you can explore more information about these jointing techniques.

Combining Rosewood with interior

As mentioned, Rosewood, particularly Rosewood Santos, can be quite rare and costly to procure. Solid Rosewood is typically reserved for small items like instruments and small furniture pieces, while veneer is more commonly used in interior applications, though still relatively uncommon.

Flowers from the Rosewood tree
Flowers from the Rosewood tree

However, despite its rarity, the Rosewood Santos world map showcased here blends seamlessly with lighter wood types, provided there's a distinct contrast between them. Such a map would complement a wooden floor crafted from Oak beautifully. Additionally, as demonstrated in the examples, placing the map against a dark-colored wall enhances its exotic allure even further.

If you're in search of a truly unique map and are willing to invest, then the Rosewood Santos world map is an ideal choice.

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February 21, 2024

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