Increase in popularity world maps as wall art

The map of the world. It is something we all in some way or form come in contact with it at a young age. If not world maps, then at least roadmaps of home countries or holiday countries. Who doesn’t remember the holidays. Sitting in the back of the car with mom and dad looking at the map and arguing whose fault it was they took a wrong turn. And how to get back on the right track again. With the build in navigation system, the tomtom or by using the mobile phone that has become an argument of the past. Insert your holiday destination into your device of choice and let technology guide you to your destination.

popularity world maps - Wooden world map Zebrano
Zebrano wooden world map

Popularity of the laser cut world map

Despite the fact that roadmaps are hardly used anymore. The popularity of city, country and world maps has increased. In particular the world maps made from wood are popular. Various types of wooden world maps are on offer, because technology also hasn’t stopped here. With the aid of the latest technological development such as laser cut and 3d-print the most beautiful world maps are made. Besides the popular wooden maps, there is also a market for other materials such as stainless steel, plastic and or foam. Especially the laser cut maps are a stunner. With the use of laser technology, maps can be made with the same amount of detail we are used to with maps printed on paper. Another great feature of laser technology is that it is applicable on many different materials.

Rosewood world map
Rosewood world map

MapaWall is a company that offers laser cut world maps. They sell wooden and steel world maps. What makes the maps from MapaWall so unique is that their maps are all available in a magnetic version. By using the magnetic pins which are included with their magnetic maps. It is possible to highlight locations visited and or pin locations you plan to visit. By doing so you can really make the map your own. If you would like to know more about the products of MapaWall visit their website or ask for a free sample.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm very interested however there is not much on the website?

    How do I order? Also how is it assembled and what sizes are available?

    I am in Ireland FYI.


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