Every now and then we receive some photo’s of installed wooden world maps that appeal to the imagination. Like this Oak map for example. Light untreated Oak doesn’t only fits most common white walls. It also matches stronger colors like the reddish/salmon paint on the wall on the pictures shown in this post. Combining this with even more natural colors in the interior the whole will get a luxurious but warm and cosy atmosphere. The interior designer from these pictures did a real good in matching not only the color of the map with the color of the wall. She also managed to match the rest of the interior with this special wall deco by placing some different sized and colored pillows on the couch.

MapaWall wooden world map Oak Country Borders 2   MapaWall wooden world map Oak side view

This specific MapaWall model is made from the finest European Oak wood. Often people choose to treat this type of Oak wood with an oil or wax. But in this case the world map is much better of with its natural color. Because the color of the wall is in line with the color of the map, the whole doesn’t create to much of a contrast. Thanks to the fact that the map is placed with 0.4 inch from the wall it looks like it floats on the surface, leaving a nice shadow. Together with the black contours a subtile contrast is created, making it a special world map like no other.

All of the MapaWall wooden world maps also have an invisible magnetic layer underneath the wooden surface. If you wish you can pinpoint your map with different sized magnets making it not only a beautiful wall deco, but also a functional map to keep track of your trips and travels. And when you’e done with the pinpoints, you can easily take them of without damaging the map.

Curious on how this Oak wood looks like? As for a free sample.