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Maps of the world can be found in all types of spaces. Living rooms, studies, dining rooms and in many more spaces around the house. But world maps are also often used as a decoration in office buildings. In these business surroundings maps tend to have a functional purpose as well. Companies that pinpoint their trade locations on a world map made of Cork board, or sales departments that use a world map poster to point out their potential clients with small pins. These are just two examples of how world maps are functionally being used in companies. But wouldn't it be nice to functionally use a world map and have it as luxury decoration at the same time? Well, with the stylish MapaWall wooden world maps this is possible.

Wooden world map Rosewood in the office 2
Wooden world map Rosewood in the office 2

Recently the Dutch company MapaWall successfully introduced a luxury line of world maps that meet both criteria. Their world maps are not only a feast for the eyes. The wooden world maps can be used for pinpointing as well. By adding an invisible metal layer to the map, small neodymium magnets are attracted to the wooden surface. Because of this feature these wooden world maps can be easily used for pinpointing without damaging the whole. Both contours and country borders are tremendously detailled because they are cut and engraved with the newest laser technology. With a laser beam that engraves with an accuracy of 0.01 inch (0.3 mm) even the smallest countries are clearly visible.

Underneath you can see an example of a MapaWall wooden world map that is installed in a direction office. This world map model is topped with an exclusive Palisander (Rosewood) veneer and is also provided with country borders.

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    1. Dear Mr. Marcinkowski, thank you for your message and sorry for the late reply.

      We can scale up our world maps to the size of 3000 mm. However, to do an exact costs calculation we should receive you address. You can send it through our secure contact form @

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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      Team MapaWall

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