Light coloured office maps

We frequently highlight the diverse utility of wooden world maps in our blog posts. Certain maps, particularly those from MapaWall, offer exceptional functionality for office spaces due to their magnetic properties on the front surface. These magnetic features allow for easy pinpointing of locations using small magnets. Today's featured map exemplifies both functionality and trendiness.

Light wood against a black backdrop

Occasionally, wall decorations need to make a statement - whether as a piece of art or to convey a global business ambiance. Take today's showcased map, for example. Crafted from European Oak, renowned for its light hue, this office map adorns a hallway frequented by visitors before they enter individual offices. Against the stark black wall, the light Oak wood creates a striking contrast, ensuring the map captures attention as a focal point of the wall art.

A European Oak magnetic wooden world map installed on black wall
Magnetic Oak world map installed on a black wall

An additional noteworthy feature, not immediately evident in the photos, is the magnetic surface spanning the entire map. Thanks to a magnetic installation kit, a substantial portion of the map's back also attracts magnets. This feature allows businesses to utilise small neodymium magnets to mark their business partners, clients, or other global locations, facilitating efficient visual communication of their operations.

In a future post we will point out some examples and possibilities when it comes to pin-pointing these magnetic wooden world maps.

April 1, 2024

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