From dream house to reality

Everybody has some idea about how their dream house would look. The location, the view, the exterior and interior. It’s called a dream house for a reason, as dreaming is the closest most of us ever get to it. But not for this couple from Norway. He and his wife actually got to build, decorate and now live in their dream house. They build their house on a plot of land at lake Tunevannet in Norway. Hot in the summer and frozen in the winter. A lot of thought went into building and decorating their house.

Laser cut wooden world maps with country borders
Oak world map on concrete

Laser cut wooden world maps

They have decorated it to perfection as can be seen from the many photo’s posted on Instagram. In the kitchen they have installed a MapaWall world map Oak with country borders. The MapaWall really adds flavour to the living kitchen. Many share that thought as it is one of the most liked pictures on their Instagram. When building your dream house would you add one of the laser cut wooden world maps?

Magnetic laser cut wooden world maps by MapaWall
May 12, 2017

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