Custom wooden world map with Hawaii

The Dutch company MapaWall is well known for its exclusive wooden world maps. With several projects around the globe MapaWall has proven to be the best in making high quality wall deco's for travel junkies and interior lovers. Because of the relatively big size (84 inch wide & 46 inch high) of the map pretty much all important countries and continents are included in this map. But even on this scale some islands are just to small to show in the whole. Like the islands of Hawaii for example. On the scale of this map these islands would have been as small as pinheads, and therefore much to small for wall mounting. But what if you really want these islands of Hawaii to be included in the map? Well...then there's always the possibility to upscale these individual islands to make them just big enough for attaching them to the wall. And that's exactly what MapaWall did in a custom project for a client in the United States. This particular client was charmed by the Zebrano world map with country borders. But the islands of Hawaii were a must to be included in the map. So after discussing the the needs and wishes of this client MapaWall was able to create several different sized islands to choose from. After they got approval they shipped the wooden world map in their special suitcase package to the US. And a few days after the result of fine craftsmanship was clearly visible.

On the photo's taken by the client you can see how well this Zebrano world map with Hawaii matches the wooden floor. Because this map is treated with oil it not only gives a nice warm look to it. It also makes the country borders look more subtiele because the darker color takes away the contrast between the borders and the rest of the surface. Yet these country borders are clear enough to pinpoint the surface with the small Neodymium magnets.

Curious about the 4 different types of quality wood the world map is cut from? Ask for a free wood sample in their contact form.

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6 comments on “Custom wooden world map with Hawaii”

  1. Hi,
    I'm from Hong Kong, I love this wooden map so much as my new home deco, I'd like to order one. However, my flat only very limited space to hang up this map on the wall, approximately 60 inch wide, I think the size 84" x 46" as shown on yr website was too big for me. May I know if your company would accept tailor made order from the little place in Hong Kong? Thank you so much!

    1. Dear Cherry,

      Thank you for your message.

      Unfortunately we can not downscale our maps because of many details in the blueprint. When we do so, some parts in the contours will get to fragile or even get burned by the laser.
      We do have one spare model (Palisander with country borders) which we made 5.5 inch shorter making it 78.74 inch wide for an exhibition. Next to that you can shift the bigger parts some inches closer to each other without making the whole look unnatural.
      But then again the minimum width when doing so is still about 75 inch.

      More information concerning our world maps you can find on

      Please let me know your thoughts.

      Kind regards,

      Team MapaWall

    1. Dear Mrs. Schafer, Thank you for the compliments and sorry for the late reply. Yes indeed, it's possible to order the additional islands of Hawaii. We did this a couple of times before with clients in the US and in Hawaii; ) However, for this scale the islands are to small to cut them in the same scale. We need to 'blow' them up in order to make it possible to attach our transparent spacers at the back.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Kind regards,

      Team MapaWall

  2. Dear team MapaWall,

    When I was trying to take a look on your website, I couldn't open it . However, I am very interrested in one of your wooden world maps. I live in the netherlands, in the province of Drenthe and I'm looking forward to hear from you about the prizes, delivery and if it's still available.

    Yours sincerely,
    L. Cornet.

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