In January of this year MapaWall exhibited their premium wooden world map on the holiday fair; the MapaWall Palisander. Because this annual fair attracts many travel junkies it was not difficult to decide which particular model world map should be used to display in order to give an impression of what this creative Dutch company is capable of. They decided to show their MapaWall Palisander (Rosewood) included with the detailled engraved country borders. With a precision of 0.003 inches the laser not only cuts through the wood, but also engraves fine black lines that represent beautiful country borders. And precisely this feature makes the wooden world map a real nice item for a traveler. But wouldn’t it be even more fun if you could pinpoint this fine wooden surface without damaging the wood? Well the dutch based company invented a special invisible layer between the wood that attracts small Neodymium magnets across the whole surface. This way these small magnets function as little pinpoints that can be added and removed without damaging the world map.

Wooden world map Rosewood 2  Wooden world map Rosewood 3  Wooden world map Rosewood 4

On the these photo’s you can see the MapaWall Palisander with country borders and some enthusiastic visitors. By using a background made of Oak wood the whole gets a real natural look. And with the extra spotlights pointed on the map an extra clear shadow is projected on the wall, giving it an extra 3D effect. With this lightning the wooden world map’s floatation can be accentuated even more. The team of MapaWall didn’t treat this world map with any oil or wax so it remained it’s natural color. While doing so, the contrast between the black country borders and the untreated surface stays clearly visible. This way the map becomes even more interesting for travel junkies.

Want to see how the different types of wood look like in real live? Feel free to ask for some wood samples on the MapaWall’s website.