Walnut is a luxurious wood type that is often used in interiors. Around the world this type of wood is used for tables, closets and other fine wooden furniture. Because Walnut is quite expensive there is not a lot of furniture around that consist entirely of massive Walnut. Mostly more light weight wooden plates or pressed wood are used as a base, and on top strokes veneer are glued. After sanding these panels they have the same unique qualities as panels from massive wood. With the advantage of being lighter, these panels can be laser cut up to a certain thickness. It is this advantage that the Dutch company MapaWall used for creating a really special wooden world map. And by adding an invisible metal layer to the map, it is not only a feast for the eye, but functional too.

Wooden magnetic world map Walnut in office close-up Wooden magnetic world map Walnut in office - overall view Wooden magnetic world map Walnut in office - sideview

The photo’s in this post display the MapaWall Walnut including engraved country borders. The borders in the MapaWall world maps are also created by a laser. The laser engraves these borders with a stunning accuracy of 0.03 mm. Because of this precision even the smaller countries (like the Netherlands) can be visualized on the wooden map. The model as shown on the photo’s is treated with oil to get a full dark brown color. For this project the interoir designer matched the orange color of the magnetic pinpoints with the color of the chairs. By adding the Walnut wood into several small office-items the overall design of this particular office looks really great.

Also interested in a wooden world map that floats on your office wall? And also want to point out your places of interest with any color magnets? Find out more about these wooden world maps on www.mapawall.com and ask for a free wood sample in their contact-form.