The wooden world map in this post is made from the finest European Oak wood available. Like all other wooden world maps this particular MapaWall Oak model perfectly matches with wooden floor as you can see on the picture shown above. By adding different types of wood in an interior you can often create a warm and luxurious atmosphere. And because this room has quite high ceilings the relative big (84 inch wide by 46 inch high) world map really fits the wall.
Some wooden world map lovers might already know that all MapaWalls come with a magnetic surface for pinpointing. But the one that is shown on these photo’s is equipped with another cool feature; later engraved country borders! With these subtile black borders the wooden map is not only a beautiful wall deco, but it’s also a fun map to pinpoint your favorite places around the globe. And by placing a spotlight above the map, like this client from California did, the space between the wall and the map is even more visible because of the projected shadow. This shadow created a 3-dimensional look and makes the world map looks like floating on the wall.

Wooden world map Oak side view close up  Wooden world map Oak with spotlight  Wooden world map Oak with spotlight by night  Wooden world map Oak side view
Although this wooden world map is not yet provided with the small cylindrical nickel coated magnets, you can imagine that these tiny pinpoints will light up once the spotlight hits the surface of the map. If you fancy a wooden world map like this Oak edition in your own home or office. But you’re not quite sure of how the type of wood will look in your interior. Then feel free to ask for some free natural untreated wood samples by filling in this contact form on the MapaWall’s website. Oak, Rosewood, Walnut and Zebrano are the four types you can choose from. Until then, stay tuned for more photo’s of different kinds of wooden world maps taken by our clientele.